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★i just want to see the day

kayy | 19 | female
♪ dirty souls - five knives ♪

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sadgem's summer anime challenge
12/43 series complete
150/551 episodes complete

» Watch a movie - Paprika
 » Watch a short anime - Oshiete! Galko-chan
» Watch an ONA – Poulette no Isu
 » Watch an award-winning work – Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei

 » Watch an anime with a character voiced by one of your favorite Seiyuu – Sakamoto Desu Ga
 » Watch an anime by the same director/composer/studio as one of your favorites anime - Nichijou
 » Watch an anime by a director/composer/studio you don't know – Yuru Yuri

 » Watch an anime that started airing the same season you joined MAL – Acchi Kocchi
» Watch an anime which began airing between 1981 and 1990 - Akira
 » Watch an anime which began airing between 1991 and 2000 – Perfect Blue

Tags, Themes & Demographics
 » Watch an anime with a main cast mainly of one gender – Love Live Season 2
 » Watch an anime with adults as the main cast – Nodame Cantabile
 » Watch an anime that focuses on non-romantic relationships - Kids on the Slope
 » Watch an anime that focuses on a couple with a romantic relationship – ef: tale of memories
 » Watch an anime with children as the main cast – Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
 » Watch an anime with a non-human main character - Ajin
 » Watch an anime about food, music or art – Haruchika
 » Watch a Historical, Military or Police anime - Hakouki
 » Watch a Sci-Fi, Space or Mecha anime – Aldnoah Zero
 » Watch a Dementia, Horror, Demons or Vampire anime – Sidonia no Kishi
 » Watch a Mystery, Thriller or Psychological anime - ERASED
 » Watch a Sports, Martial Arts, Cars or Games anime – Haikyuu Season 2
 » Watch a Super Powers, Fantasy or Supernatural anime – Gatchaman Crowds
 » Watch a Harem, Ecchi, Shoujo Ai or Shounen Ai anime – Super Lovers
 » Watch an anime that is tagged with a genre you dislike – Fractale
 » Watch an anime that has a main character that is a professional in his field – Antique Bakery
 » Watch an anime with an archetype as a main character – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 2012
 » Watch an anime with a target demographic that does not apply to you – Boku no Hero Academia
 » Watch an anime with a target demographic that can apply to you – Pet Shop of Horrors
 » Watch an anime with a main character that is not Japanese - Hanayamata
 » Watch an anime one-/two-/three-cours (or more) in length- Another
 » Watch an anime that has been adapted to live action - Hyouka
 » Watch an original anime - Mayoiga
 » Watch an anime adapted from a novel, light novel or video game – Kyoukai no Kanata
 » Watch an anime adapted from a manga with a score of 8.0 or higher – Koe no Katachi

 » Watch an anime with a score of 7.0 or below – Hiiro no Kakera
 » Watch an anime ranked in the Top 300 – Steins; Gate
 » Watch an anime with less than 10k/25k/45k completed members– Norn9

 » Watch an anime that starts with the same last letter as your username – Miracle Train
 » Choose random from TV Tropes and watch an anime listed under the trope – Amagami SS
 » Choose an anime from the predictive search using a generated random word – Arcana Famiglia
 » Watch an anime that has been on your Plan to Watch list for too long – Nyan Koi
 » Watch an anime with a protagonist that shares your hair color - Nagi no Asukara

★ that's fantastic ★

you see that idiot? that beautiful bastard? my favorite person on earth?
i love sips so so much, his videos have helped me through so much these past few months, and he's the only youtuber to continuously make me laugh. bless this man and every idiotic and stupid word out of his mouth.
the real guy, the best guy.

♥ what i like ♥
gta v, sips, stardew valley, miraculous ladybug, love live, anime, cuddles, steven universe, macaroni, nintendo, fire emblem, animal crossing, pink, flowers, gemstones, coffee, cool weather, rain, omocat, deer, ru paul's drag race, trevor p.

✖ what i don't like ✖
confrontation, meat, bananas, being scratched, heat, anxiety, depression, egotistical people, marvel, writing essays, stress

cactus pixel emoticon by tontoh

when i don't think of you ★

art by r0b0cub


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